Weight loss is a topical issue that transcends across all races and cultures in the world. Over the years, the internet has been flooded with lots of information about different ways to lose weight. For instance, some people have resorted in taking weight loss pills and undergoing surgery just to lose weight.

However, one of the major impediments to weight loss is the consumption of wrong type of food. This article will highlight the ideal foods to eat to lose your weight without enormous financial commitments and stress.


Food is eaten because of hunger stimulus and the need to provide the body with the required energy to meet the demands of our daily activities. Thus there is a tendency for the intake of high carbohydrate diet which provides excess calories that eventually leads to fat synthesis and deposition. To achieve your ideal weight, you have to eat low calorie foods which fills you up and reduces your appetite. Consequently, the body is supplied with only the needed calories and extra calories are gotten from the breakdown of fatty deposits.



Proteins should be eaten with your breakfast and should make up 40% of it. It has fibre which fills you up and reduces your appetite for food.It also provides low calories that the body needs to function.A common example is beans which is common and available to everyone.


Vegetables that will help you lose weight
vegetables for weight loss

Vegetables provide a plethora of advantages when eaten daily. Vegetables add to the bulk of meals so it reduces the urge to eat a full meal. Also, vegetables provide antioxidants and micronutrients needed to reduce the oxidative stress of body metabolism

The fibre content of vegetables aids the gradual absorption of glucose into the blood stream from the intestine.


 Cereals and brown rice are good examples here. They are low calorie foods that promote the degradation of fats in order to provide extra calories for the body. They are also low glycemic foods which modulate the absorption of glucose from the gut into the blood.


Potatoes have lots of micronutrients which reduces our appetite for food and has potassium which helps in the long term control of hypertension.


Flour processed products like white bread, biscuits, snacks etc and pasta should be avoided from your daily meals. This is because they have a high glycemic index which provides the tissues with excess calories due to rapid absorption of glucose when these foods are digested in the gut. Also, they contain high amount of saturated fats which accumulates and stores in the tissues.


  • There is reduced risk of having chronic medical disorders such as Type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders such as stroke.
  •  Susceptibility to constipation and colon cancer is decreased due to the fibre content of these foods which enhances regular bowel movement.


Weight loss requires lots of discipline and patience. Eating the foods highlighted in this article will contribute towards the achievement of your ideal weight and provide extra health benefits.The combination of these foods with daily aerobic exercises are appropriate natural ways to lose weight.

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